Adventure Bicycle path

Intended for cyclists, runners, skaters, bird watchers and nature lovers.

The first section of the bicycle, which is 8 km / 5 miles, begins at Marina Ixtapa and goes westward round the perimeter of the Club de Golf Marina Ixtapa along 4.3 kilometers / 2.7 miles. The route continues up the coast throughAztlan Park, an ecological reserve with crocodiles, iguanas and exotic birds, until the RV Trailer Park in Playa Linda.

This section covers a total of 3.8 kilometers/2.4 miles. In the opposite direction, an independent bycicle path covering 3.8 kilometers / 2.4 miles, runs between Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo.

In Paseo Ixtapa begins in the Nursery (located behind the Campo de Golf Palma Real and residential area). The route passes through a tropical forest with majestic trees and kapok, and parotas hujes, some measuring more than 35 meters.

Birdwatchers will find a number of species, woodpeckers, orioles, parakeets, parrots, chachalacas, eagles, hawks and other exotic birds. Other species that can be seen here are crocodiles, turtles lake, armadillos, iguanas, squirrels, ferrets, raccoons, opossums and more.

The route continues southeast, flanking the road between Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo and ending at the Technological Institute of Costa Grande located just before the entrance to Zihuatanejo.

The bike has an average width of 3 feet meters/9.8 and is marked to indicate the use for cycling, running or skating and is especially paved and designed with safety in mind.

For those who want to use both routes bycicle path, the wide avenue Paseo de los Pelicanos can be taken to reach the top of any of them.


Adventure in Island

A bike tour of 7 kilometers along the Ixtapa bycicle path, where you can observe the flora, fauna and coastline.

Arriving at Playa Linda, board a boat that will take you for a ride of 10 minutes to get to Ixtapa Island where you will enjoy 40 minutes of kayaking and snorkeling time in a colorful coral reef.

After lunch, you will have an hour to spare.

After the boat ride back to Playa Linda, there will be a visit to the Crocodile (nature reserve for crocodiles, turtles, iguanas and a variety of birds). Then, return the bike to Ixtapa bycicle path.

It includes all equipment, round trip boat ride, lunch, bilingual guide service, and insurance in case of accident. Crocodiles and exotic birds: ecological mountaineering (Aztlan park and Playa Linda)

A tour of four kilometers (2.5 miles) very easy to walk through the Aztlán park to observe exotic birds and the more representative vegetation of the region.

Getting to Playa Linda to visit the Crocodile, ecological reserve where you can see, in addition to crocodiles, turtles, iguanas and birds.

It includes the use of binoculars, lunch at Playa Linda, purified water and expert bilingual guide service in biology.

Adventure Park

Just north of Ixtapa, this original ranch in the jungle with varied and exotic animals in their natural habitat.

Facilities have been installed ecotourism adventure on two levels of experience called feeling:

Feels adult, are riding on the forest canopy heights 4-8 meters (13-26 feet) with views of the animals down and the sea on the horizon.

Junior has rides for kids at a height of one meter (3.2 feet). Other facilities include a bar for the purchase of food and beverages, gift shop and restrooms.

RV Park & Camping Ixtapa

The RV Park and Camping Ixtapa is a place for visitors who wish to camp either equipped trailers or tents, has 5,000 m2 beachfront camping, allowing appreciate great sunsets.

It has drainage facilities, water and electricity in its 74 drawers and offers the following services: reception area, security during the 24 hours, fire fighting equipment, steel mesh fencing, water supply, electricity, parking, health, showers, mini market, laundry, garbage collection and street lighting.

In the camp area is not required to make any reservation, however in the area of mobile homes if necessary and for the moment we have 74 spaces,  so we suggest you make your booking a month in advance on all in winter season,

between November and March, in the offices located in 36 and 37 Lt. Development Real Playa Linda Ixtapa Hotel Zone II, Ixtapa, Guerrero, 8:00 to 20 hours.

The RV and Camping Park is open 365 days a year and costs vary according to the season.

The RV Park is located in Blocks 36 and 37 within the Development "Real Ixtapa" in Long Beach, Ixtapa, Guerrero.

It has an area of 34,572.60 m2, which are paved and currently has 74 drawers equipped with connections for electricity, water and sanitary discharge.

We also have a completely wide area for visitors who wish to camp with tents.

The RVPark also has a beautiful sea view and a sunset with a dreamy sunset.

The RV Park
 offers the following services:

  • Reception area
  • Safety and security personal during the 24 hours
  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Fencing with steel grating
  • Drinking water supply in standard measure for hose connection.
  • Electrical power service with supply of 127 volts and 30 amperes per box
  • Vehicular circulation area paved 7.50 m wide.
  • Drainage with standard connection (3 inches).
  • Garbage collection.
  • Sanitation (toilets and showers).
  • Marking per box.
  • Public lighting.
  • Mini super
  • Laundry service

RV Park & Camping Ixtapa
Lot 36 and 37, Desarrollo Real Ixtapa Hotel Zone II, Playa Linda


Experience a thrilling ride all terrain vehicles (ATVs).

Enjoy the excitement of winning one of the most beautiful natural environments in the region, the team of ATV's is easy to handle by any driver for a safe ride and lightweight.

Eco - Trocones ATV Tour:

The trip is full of diversity in terrain, you will go through different ecosystems. Discover the tropical landscape with a variety of trees and native vegetation of the region.

A favorite routes ATV `s will be driving along a scenic and pristine beaches on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, as well as the route between the hills of the Sierra Madre del Sur. Explore the small community of Troncones located oceanfront home about 500 permanent residents, mainly fishermen, farmers and ranchers.

Travel on ATV's at Sunset

The 2-hour tour offers a lighter ground, but the scenery is amazing, scenic pastures and lofty palm plantations. You can drive through a working ranch for cattle and along a picturesque beach of Ocean Pacifico coasts, to enjoy and relax with the sea breeze and magnificent tropical sunset.

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