Both Ixtapa Zihuatanejo as irresistible offer wonderful opportunities for shopping and have a very wide selection in terms of items and prices.

There is a craft market located in Ixtapa (in the eastern part of the Hotel Zone) and one in Zihuatanejo (next to the church, on the street Cinco de Mayo). Each market has hundreds of stalls with a huge selection of hand-painted ceramics, watch artisans, young and old, painting bowls, figurines and bowls with elaborate designs that emerge from your imagination. Regional handicrafts are also sold as hammocks, rugs, embroidered or woven goods and countless memories.

In the vast Central Market Zihuatanejo can find crafts and utensils, fruits, vegetables, seafood, natural salt, spices and all kinds of food imaginable.

In the center of Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa's shopping area, there are fine beachwear boutiques with quality, traditional clothing, art pieces including traditional hand-painted masks that are typical of the state, as well as fine decorative items. There are also multiple silverware with exquisite designs brought from the neighboring city of Taxco, famous for its silver crafts.

The boutiques and many hotels both in Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa also have very interesting merchandise.

And to buy anything that is offered, there are two huge and modern supermarkets in Zihuatanejo: Comercial Mexicana and Bodega Aurrera.

Be sure to visit the art galleries located in downtown Zihuatanejo, many of them permanently display and sell pieces of various local artists, Mexican or foreign.