Water Sports / Diving

Whether diving along canyons of 30 meters or whether snorkeling to 3 meters, both tourists and professional divers and marine biologists are amazed to see the underwater scenery and wealth of sea life.

Due to the confluence of two major ocean currents, the biodiversity here is growing and extraordinarily rich.

The visibility is 21 feet and sometimes metros/70 30 meters/100 feet water temperature is 20 to 27 degrees Celsius, and incredibly, are still being discovered new coral reefs bright colorful.

Ocean University recently determined by a study reefs in better condition and most biodiverse in the American Pacific are off the coast of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo.

The fauna includes everything from seahorses to humpback whales.

Species are brightly decorated and a constant coming and going of small tropical fish darting moving around corals.

The sandy bottom can reveal camouflaged crabs, starfish, and even stingrays.

You can interact with octopus that change color when they saw him, and marvel at the giant manta rays and whale sharks.

During the summer and autumn (June-October) could see spending an olive ridley turtle beach on his way home to spawn.

The currents here are minimal compared to the Caribbean. So instead of being carried by the current, one can comfortably swim coral reefs within the tunnels that form rocks, or just float where the boat will like and their bubble. And this is paradise for photographers. Without the inconvenience of current can be kept stationary and take all the time to compose your pictures perfectly. There are dozens of underwater sites: shallow-water corals for snorkeling, submarine canyons up to 30 meters, including sunken ships.

Playa Manzanillo, just south of Zihuatanejo Bay and accessible by boat, is wonderful for snorkeling along vivid corals and abundant marine life from a depth of 3-6 meters.

Caleta de Chon is a coral reef just outside Zihuatanejo Bay to relatively shallow dive.

Los Morros de Potosí, 45 minutes by boat, and off the coast of Barra de Potosi, islets are huge granite boulders.

Up from a depth of 30 meters to 27 meters above sea level, and there are underwater caves, valleys and vast areas of coral. These rocks are painted white guano.

Los Morros de Potosí are impressive from his plane to make the airport approach or takeoff.

Ocean University recently determined by a study reefs in better condition and most biodiverse in the American Pacific are off the coast of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo.

There are excellent dive shops in Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo offering personalized diving experiences according to the capacity of the participants. Safety is the highest priority and the team remains

Sport Fishing

Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo has been rated as the second best destination in the world for sport fishing magazine SaltwaterSportfishing.

Great captains and crews, descendants of generations of local fishermen, forget guesswork and take you straight to the dam. They are experts in fishing methods that over time have proven to be effective, and know the latest techniques. Both boats and larger fishing boats have the best teams. Fly fishing and tag and release are also available.

In offshore waters are Sailfish up to 80 kilograms / 175 pounds, which it constitutes primary fishing during most of the year, and the success rate among fishermen is extraordinary.

Additionally, black and blue marlin migrate through these waters. During the spring months, the average weight of these fish is 124 kilograms / 275 pounds to 400 kilograms / 181 pounds.

Even spectacular specimens of 453 kilograms / 1,000 pounds have been caught.

To complete the selection are the large schools of yellowfin tuna, some can weigh 136 kilograms / 300 pounds and the golden delicious is a classic of the region.

These waters come quickly to a depth greater than 1,000 fathoms, therefore, the action can begin any time after leaving. The action usually begins 3-9 kilometers (5-15 miles) from the coast.

Closer to the coast, there are a variety of species ready for battle: snapper, mackerel, barracuda, bonita, wahoo and roosterfish. Less in Zihuatanejo fishing is recognized as a world record by the International Game Fish Association Low-IGFA (International Game Fish Association).

Thanks to the growing ecosystem of this region, there is a constant abundance of baitfish in the area, and the probability of catching a fish of competition is high throughout the year.

During the month of May is done The International Sailfish Tournament, usually held on the first weekend of the month.

The main springs are in the Bay of Zihuatanejo, three sport fishing cooperatives, among the three count with 121 boats, small, medium and large and Marina Ixtapa, which has more than 600 spaces and recreational facilities and complete cruise ships sport fishing.

Arrangements can be made ​​to mount trophies and send them home and sort fiberglass replicas guaranteed in the United States. Back on dry land, and to his delight, some restaurants offer to prepare and serve your catch.

Surfing, Windsurfing and Skimboard


The surfing both short and long table is excellent in Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo, and up the coast.

The water is warm all year round, so no wetsuit needed. Local surf shops offer quality courses, surfing trips, and the sale, rental and repair tables.

Most popular sites:

  • Just at the mouth of the Bah IA to Zihuatanejo waves can be perfect within walking distance to the edge of the rocky point of Playa Las Gatas.
  • Bah entirely within the IA to Zihuatanejo, Wood has good surf beach and est to a few minutes' walk from downtown Zihuatanejo.
  • The Breakwaters, on the eastern tip of the Palmar beach in Ixtapa, close to the pier and Marina Ixtapa is an attraction or n favorite of surfers of all kinds (and board, with boogie or the body) and also é n swimmers.
  • Playa Linda, as or l or 15 minutes up the coast from Ixtapa.
  • Troncones, with almost 5 kilometers beach and half an hour up the coast from Ixtapa.
  • The Saladita, known as for t s or quiet for longboard surfers.


For lovers of windsurfing beaches Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo is ideal for practice, Zihuatanejo Bay, especially at Playa La Ropa is where these services are offered and instructors can support especially those trying to practice for the first time. In Ixtapa, is in the Hotel Zone 2 in Playa Quieta.


The very new skimboard is increasingly having more followers and beaches of these destinations are ideal for practice, main beach, Playa La Ropa, Playa El Palmar in the area known as The Breakwaters are most appropriate. If you wish to buy tables are surf shops in Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo on where you get it.


Picante Sailing Catamaran

Fast and fun, the Picante sailing catamaran, an ultramodern sailing catamaran, brings you remarkable sailing, snorkeling, sunset and adventure tours to Ixtapa, around Zihuatanejo Bay and to nearby reefs for your exploration and pleasure.

 "Sail Snorkel & Spinnaker Flyng Adventure"

Cast off at 10:00 am from Zihuatanejo Bay to the beautiful, secluded white sand beach and coral reef of Playa Manzanillo. Snorkeling, swimming and shell collecting are the orders of the day. Party back to the bay with a magnificent spinnaker run and anchor in front of Playa la Ropa for a ride on our 2400 sq. ft. spinnaker and play with our various water toys. Disembark at 2:30pm.

Price includes open bar, lunch, and transportation to and from your hotel in Ixtapa. Discount prices for children under 12. Snorkel gear available for rent.


Magical Sunset Cruise

This romantic cruise takes you for a sail around the bay of Zihuatanejo, by the cruising boats, and out into the Pacific sunset, with a grand view of the hotel zone of Ixtapa. Keep your eyes open for the green flash! Departs at 5:00pm returning at 7:30pm (winter hours).

Price includes open bar, hors d'oeuvres, and transportation to and from your hotel in Ixtapa. Discount prices for children under 12.


Pacific Discovery

Get underway for a trip of discovery! Once out of Zihuatanejo Bay, “one of the most beautiful small bays in the world” and ancient land of the “Nahuatl” peoples, you will be embarking on a visual discovery of the land mass of the “North American Tectonic Plate” while sailing over the “Cocos Tectonic Plate” en route to the brilliantly white guano covered “Morros de Potosí”. Along the way, keep alert for the California Grey and Humpback whale (Mid December-mid March) and learn how to distinguish both. Dolphins, Loggerhead turtles and Manta rays will keep you entertained as well as the “Picante” crew who never miss a chance to get in the ocean to bring a turtle aboard for a good shell cleaning of encrusted barnacles. Circumnavigate the “Morros” and see why the guano has collected in such massive amounts. Passing very close, view the towering cathedral caves on the south side of the “Morros” while trying to figure how many Boobies, Frigates and the distinctive white Tropicbirds that you are actually viewing (beyond count). All yours to discover while enjoying a spontaneous adventure set in a very mellow ambiance!

A panoply of land, sea and air creatures set to a subdued tone aboard.

Five sets of binoculars are aboard for your respectful viewing.

A chart of the area to orient all that you are viewing, along with oral and written descriptions.

A Continental breakfast of sweet rolls and fruit along with coffee and tea to hold you over until your return for lunch. Ask the Captain or crew for some suggestions for great seafood lunches in Zihuatanejo Bay.

This trip is oriented for true nature lovers. Informative, wondrous and fun, so don’t forget your camera!


Puerto Mío Zihuatanejo:


Oceanic Sailing 40-foot double-masted, 44 hp inboard diesel, ideal for sailing without wind, with the comfort of two staterooms, kitchen, two bathrooms, CD stereo, TV, hot and cold water, refrigerator and 2 cooler.

Description of services


Walk the Ixtapa Bay, starting from the Marina Ixtapa, to the "Big Island or Isla Ixtapa" anchor place for passengers to visit the island and enjoy a tour around, eat, sunbathe, experience the exciting "Jumping Pirate" sport fishing or "Snorkel", one of the best places in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo for this activity.

Output: Peak season, daily at 1:00 pm from Playa El Palmar, against Pacific. (Departure 24:30)


If you prefer something quieter, this tour aims to enjoy the majestic sunsets, we can see in Ixtapa Bay, starting offshore accompanied by romantic music, which will make your trip a unique experience.

Output: Peak season, daily at 5:00 pm from Playa El Palmar, against Pacific (4:30 pm boarding)

It includes:

  • Refreshments, snacks and a la carte wines
  • For fishing equipment at no extra cost
  • Guides to practice "snorkel"

Special Events

  • Tours for groups
  • Romantic dinners
  • Practics of sailing
  • Practice of fishing
  • Rent for voyages of one day or more
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