Aro Ballgame

This archaeological piece is located at the end of the street on November 20, corner of Acapulco- Zihuatanejo highway, in the county seat.. They were found accidentally by Mr.Luciano Romero González, in the area near the pyramids, in 1925.

The Municipal Government, at that time by Agapito de la Rosa Galeana recognized the historical and archaeological significance of the pieces, and ordered his transfer to the county seat. Rings have two snakes captured in both sides, same two teams representing opponents, at stake symbolizing the forces of the stars.

Papanoa Bays

Natural paradise in the north of the Costa Grande of Guerrero State , with 20 kilometers of coastline, with different beaches and bays, with arenas ranging from the tone until minerals see shining in the dunes. As view the Pacific ocean overlooks and the mountains on the other, which makes this area particularly special because growing areas find coconut palms, mango, and ecological sanctuary.
It has warm sub humid, with average temperature of 30 degrees, and 320 sunny days, lush vegetation, with timber production, forest floor, changing shades of green in the rainy season. This is a suitable field for agriculture, local wildlife, and marine species that give guidelines to fishing tournaments.

Cultivation of Snuff

Rainfed crops. In community 15 families are involved in the cultivation of snuff. This product is sold in the same region per kilo, and some manufacturers produce and sell cigars to tourists who come to the site.



The Museum of Soledad de Maciel is another project of the National Institute of Anthropology and History, which is intended to move all the pieces found in the archaeological site.

Currently Mr. Adán Vélez Romero, President of the Board of Archaeological Ward , has a substantial body of archaeological pieces that it has collected and as part of his private museum, same as, once the construction of the building to house the museum community projects State Government and Guerrero INAH Center, will be donated for display and study

Playa la Barrita

The stick is a beautiful beach located 15 minutes from the township of Petatlan, on the highway to Acapulco. On the shore of the beach are several restaurants tradicionales where you can enjoy the taste of regional cuisine and enjoy the famous barnacle and great-tasting shrimp that are exclusive to this place.

This beach is famous for being a favorite for locals and visitors as the surf is a very good size for surfing.

Playa Calvario

Calvary Beach is located 20 minutes from Petatlán, has an extensive veranda where are located many seafood restaurants; the waves are strong and not recommended venture into the sea, yet the place is its spectacular view of the ocean, sunbathing on a beach almost to yourself and enjoy fresh and delicious seafood with an incomparable view.

Playa Icacos

This is a good place to camp, is a quiet beach and the locals of Juluchuca, a small town ahead of Petatlán, are very friendly, there is also a gap in the rainy season which joins the sea.

Extensive beach virgin spawning ground of Olive Ridley turtle Garapacho and protecting the turtle camp “La Tortuga Feliz”, here you can participate in the liberation of species throughout the year. Within this area we find the salt lake and appreciate the salt production process, it is sold on the road in the town of the same name and Juluchuca.

Currently there are 6 restaurants in the beach area offering their services on weekends and during the holiday period where traditional dishes are prepared from the sea and the region.

The town of Juluchuca pioneered the municipality Petatlán by making sweet coconut products, have slowly been improving their production techniques, presentation product range and market expansion.

Rituals of Spring

For six years, Mr. Adán Vélez Romero, President of the Board of Stewardship Archaeological and community neighbor, performed rituals for the spring. At twelve hours on 21 March, with white dress, the inhabitants go to the top of this archaeological site for receive the spring and the "energy" that brings with it.

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